Blue Bay Shepherd Legal in Uk

After many years of research, she finally found a breeder in France who was breeding old German shepherds. There she found the rare blue coloration she was looking for. Wherever the wolf content is high, this diluted gene causes the blue coloration to fade as the greyhound ages. In these cases, they become silver or white as they age. However, the Blue Bay should keep its blue coat throughout its life. Terminology and color definition are slightly different in cynology. When it comes to defining the color “blue,” it`s not exactly what the general public would define as blue. It is not the color of the sky; Rather, it is an awkward slate color that often fades as the dog matures. Blue Bay shepherds look incredibly good, especially if you like wolf-like dogs. They have the distinct “blue” color they inherited from their long-haired blue ancestors from the German Shepherd.

Unlike other greyhounds, owners and breed lovers claim that these dogs have very gentle and friendly characters. She found her blue wolves in the Eastern Wood Wolf, the only guy known to have blue fur, and continued to breed blue greyhounds. After the addition of several other breeds, including the Alaskan Malamutes, the new emerging breed has a rich and thick blue coat and a specific lupine appearance. The American Blue Bay Shepherd is an extraordinary new breed of greyhound. It is a mixture of the very rare old-world German Blue Shepherd and the equally rare blue greyhound. It retains a distinctive wolf appearance, but thrives as an active pet. The distinctive blue-gray coloration of the Blue Bay Shepherd is caused by a diluted gene. This is the D-locus gene, which causes a diluted or faded pigment in black dogs. This gives blue dogs their slate gray, anthracite or blue-gray coloration. She also specifically wanted the distinctive blue coats and pale eyes, which are extremely rare in German shepherds and wolves.

Other states ban all greyhound hybrids, but in other states it is perfectly legal for a private citizen to own one. With the blue coloration come the striking pale yellow or amber eyes, sometimes with a green touch. These are oblique and almond-shaped, as in wolves. The blue color is a dilution of the black color, and there is the appearance of blue. Different breeds have dogs of different blue color, and colors are defined differently in other breeds. This may seem too complicated, and many people agree with you. It is also important to note that the German Shepherd lines in Blue Bay do not appear to be working dogs. They were chosen to have little guard instinct, and with the greyhound, Blue Bay is probably not a good guard dog.

However, the Blue Bay Shepherd faces two potential obstacles. The first is a potentially small gene pool. With only one official breeder, there simply isn`t much of a basic stock to tap into. Like any large breed, the American Blue Bay could be prone to bloating. Feeding should be monitored to prevent them from eating too fast. A slow food bowl can help with this. Still, there is no evidence of aggressive behavior at American Blue Bay Shepherd at the time of writing. And the Southern Breeze Ranch seems to breed specifically for non-aggressive behavior.

The Blue Bay Shepherd is a breed of dog based on greyhounds and pure-blooded German Shepherds. This breed is the project of a breeder, Vicki Spencer. She loved wolf-like dogs since childhood and decided to create what she thought was an ideal dog. Unlike other greyhounds, the Blue Bay American Shepherd does not seem too shy or aggressive. Although they are a breed in preparation and there are some differences in their temperaments. Meals can even be divided into two smaller meals a day and should not be given 30 minutes before or after exercise. Although the first Blue Bays were created with a single hybrid wolf parent, and the ancestry of this wolf parent dates back five or six generations in the lineage, laws can affect the property of Blue Bay due to the lupine appearance of these dogs. The idea behind this is that a person who can afford the initial cost will likely have the means to provide for the dog`s lifelong needs. These are expensive dogs, and since there is only one breeder in the world, there is a waiting list of one to two years. Buyers report that they pay between $2000 and $3500 per puppy. A Blue Bay Shepherd can be considered a hybrid (although that`s not correct) or a domestic dog, depending on the wording of your state laws.

However, some blue berries, especially those with a higher wolf content, will do much better with a raw diet. Some health problems are already known, and it seems that the BB Shepherd is prone to some problems affecting German Shepherds and Wolfhounds. These problems are; When it comes to such new and modern races, the character can be unknown and questionable. It can be controlled when a person is responsible for the breeding process, and so far these dogs seem to have friendly and loving characters. However, you need a relatively active lifestyle. In some states, these laws and regulations apply even to dogs that only slightly resemble a wolf, whether or not the dog contains wolf content. The second potential – but unconfirmed – source of health problems often comes from German Shepherd lines. While the old German Shepherd tends to have fewer joint problems due to its more natural shape, hip and elbow dysplasia cannot yet be ruled out. For the rest of the year, an ordinary brush once to three times a week with a good pet care glove or a smoother brush will help prevent the undercoat from mattifying. It will also spread the dog`s natural oils through the coat to get a beautiful shine.

First of all, because this is such a new breed, there are simply not many of them yet. Since the first litter was born in 2011, it is still too early to know if there are any major health problems at the American Blue Bay Shepherd. In general, dogs with wolf blood are slightly healthier than many established breeds and often have a long life expectancy. Sometimes breeders posing as Vicki offer dogs for much less, but it`s important to remember that there is currently only one breeder in the world. If you decide to eat raw, be sure to consult a veterinary nutritionist to make sure your American Blue Bay is getting all the nutrients it needs. Since domestic dogs make up a large part of the Blue Bay Shepherd`s DNA, many of these majestic dogs will do well on a high-quality kibble diet, like Blue Buffalo Wilderness. On the other hand, Kurgan shows us a brave, accomplished and confident dog that seems to sail on a hike with ease to meet new people and other dogs. There are a few things Mrs. Spencer wanted to achieve when it comes to the appearance of the Blue Bay Shepherd, and these things are: Since the first certified litter was born in 2011, it`s too early to know how long a Blue Bay Shepherd could live.

The resulting puppies would of course not be Blue Bay shepherds at all, but that would not prevent them from being marketed as such and offered at a reasonable price. The Blue Bay is still a relatively unknown breed, but its amazing wolf appearance and much softer character than other wolf-like breeds make it increasingly attractive to more and more potential owners. These dogs are new, so the first step would be to get unbiased information about them. We talked to different people involved in the breeding program, and that`s what we found out about them. Every dog, but especially a large and powerful dog like the Blue Bay Shepherd, must be socialized and trained from an early age. Prosocial interaction from an early age can later avoid all kinds of problems. If you are an experienced owner who is able to handle such a breed, you will probably look for options and ways to get a Blue Bay Shepherd puppy.

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