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Welcome to your FREE online legal dictionary. This dictionary is based on Black`s Law Dictionary, 2nd edition with a large number of additions for all your legal dictionary needs. If you can`t find a word you`re looking for, let us know, we`ll add it for you and send you the definition. Have fun searching! The Law Dictionary is your free online legal dictionary along with Black`s Law Dictionary, the trusted source for legal definitions and terms for over 100 years. The 2nd edition contains over 15,000 legal terms for your business and search. Get reliable definitions directly from the original legal dictionary For more than a century, Black`s Law Dictionary has been the gold standard of legal language. Today, it is the most frequently cited law book in the world. By Editor-in-Chief Bryan A. Garner, the world`s largest legal lexicographer, is the 11th edition of the most comprehensive and authoritative legal dictionary ever published. Never pay for a legal dictionary again, search here or in our (coming soon) Black`s Law Dictionary mobile app, Pocket Edition is considered one of the most valuable reference tools available to the legal community, offering over 21,000 clear, concise and concise definitions for over 15,000 terms. It is the essential companion of the 11th complete edition of Black`s, which includes all the commonly used terms of this edition. As a standalone tool, this pocket edition includes a dictionary guide and the full Constitution of the United States. Black`s has been cited by judges and lawyers more than any other legal dictionary, is recommended by law school, and is available in this pocket format and in a variety of other useful editions.

$41.95 Free Shipping Format: Book – Softbound Brand: Thomson West Copyright: 2021 ISBN: 9781731931610 Order the hardcover book from To define a legal term, enter a word or phrase below. For more than a century, Black`s Law Dictionary has been the gold standard of the language of law. Today, it is the most frequently cited law book in the world. This remarkable book is accessible via an updated app. The Discovery Channel show, NewsWatch, featured the popular Black`s Law Dictionary app, which showcased the app`s advanced features and capabilities. The Deluxe Edition of Black, with a premium faux leather cover and thumbspins for quick reference works, contains more than 55,000 terms, early dates of use, pronunciation guide, Latin maxims with index, a source bibliography of over 1,000 and over 6,000 citations. Person • bona gratia • chief case • hopcon • cestui que trust • driver • citizen • capitis diminutio • natural person • vacancy notice • ens legis • legal authorization • rescue vouchers • work done • vehicle • pure trust • fiduciary • judgment • retention of evidence • threat • application for dismissal • end of a case • criminal intent • good faith • non-delegable duty • common law • affirmative redress • company If you have decided, Change your last name due to marriage, divorce, or because you need a new one that better reflects who you are, Having a word you can`t find, send it to us, we`ll add it and email you the definition. Black`s Law Dictionary app on NewsWatch (1:18).

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