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Here you can see the best family law lawyers in Glasgow City. These results are primarily based on client reviews of ReviewSolicitors over the past 12 months, but take into account a law firm`s accreditations, experience, size, notable cases, legal ombudsman, and disciplinary records, as well as other important information. Don`t forget to leave a review after using a business! As the founder of this successful law firm, Michael is an accomplished family law lawyer and divorce lawyer and has handled over 100 cases of divorce, contact and residency arrangements of children, relocation of children, and obtaining and eliminating parental rights and obligations. He strives to negotiate the best settlement for his clients and is praised for his robust but pragmatic advice. Michael has also worked on a number of high-profile reported cases and can monitor cases of negligence. At Walker Laird, our team strives to provide the same level of service, whether you are funding your case privately or through legal aid. The contractual terms are agreed with you from the outset and depend on the value and complexity of the case. For the above types of cases, we cannot offer legal aid, but we can cover cases funded by insurance. For a limited number of cases, we are able to obtain legal aid in the following areas: Bob McDowall 9A, Budhill Avenue Glasgow G32 0PW Tel: 0141 611 1703 Walker Laird offers legal aid for a range of services, including: It is important to remember that there are two types of legal aid: As one of the most respected family law lawyers in the region, Lisa is recommended as a leading person by The Legal 500 and ranked by Chambers UK for family and marital matters in Volume 1. Lisa has extensive experience in all matters of family law, child rights and relationship breakdown and is also a certified mediator and trained collaborative lawyer. She focuses on achieving excellent financial execution for her clients and achieving positive outcomes for children. Lisa is a certified family law specialist with expertise in complex, high-quality divorce proceedings.

She is also an accredited expert on children`s rights, handling a wide range of sensitive and challenging cases in this area, including resettlement, residency and contact disputes, as well as international child abductions. Described by The Legal 500 as “knowledgeable and 100% committed to her clients” and that she is “very approachable and takes the time to explain things clearly”, Lisa has an enviable track record in the cases she oversees. Download PDF lists of all registered law firms by type of legal aid. Jacqueline is a highly qualified practitioner with over 20 years of experience in family law and adult labour disabilities. Her client cases have led her to develop significant expertise in divorce and separation, family finances, contact with children and children`s residence. Jacqueline can represent her clients at all stages of the legal process, including preparation and participation in court. It has a special strength in supporting families who are unable to make decisions for their personal well-being or finances. She is also a member of the Family Law Association. Contact us today to speak with one of our paisley legal services lawyers working for clients across Scotland. “My best interests have always been at the heart of the way they work” Thompson Family Law Solicitors is registered with the Scottish Legal Aid Board (SLAB) to provide legal aid. There are different types of legal aid, depending on the type of legal problem you have and the stage at which the particular legal problem has reached. With a natural ability to deal with her clients in an accessible and friendly manner and provide them with effective solutions to their legal problems, Nicola is highly respected in the field of family law.

She has extensive experience in dealing with various aspects of family law, including disputes between residences and contacts, resettlement cases, divorces and separation agreements. In addition, Nicola has experience in supporting international child abduction cases where she acted on behalf of persecutors and defense lawyers. Nicola has made numerous appearances before sheriff`s courts across Scotland and has taught a lawyer at the Court of Session. Scullion LAW has 6 family law lawyers who are ready to help you with your case. Click here to contact us directly or to learn more. Lawyers must be registered with us in order to provide legal assistance. Brian is accredited by the Law Society of Scotland as a specialist in family law and is one of the founding partners of this specialist firm. He is also a collaborative lawyer by training. He has extensive legal experience and offers comprehensive advice on all family law matters, with a particular focus on complex financial cases arising from divorce, separation and cohabitation.

He is open with customers and at the same time remains empathetic to their situation. Brian provides measured and reliable legal advice to achieve the best possible outcome for his clients. The search results list legal aid lawyers and law firms in Glasgow that can take on legal aid cases. You can read customer reviews or leave your own review. Legal aid is administered by the Commission des services juridiques and paid for by the government. It`s helpful to pay the cost of legal advice in some cases where someone else might not be able to afford it. The funding of legal aid is managed in such a way as to protect the fundamental rights of individuals and to guarantee a fair trial, access to the judicial process to settle disputes and resolve problems that contribute to social exclusion. If you`re not sure if you`re finding a legal aid lawyer, you should read these frequently asked questions. Considered by The Legal 500 to be “highly regarded for her detailed knowledge, mastery of detail and ability to simplify complex matters,” Carolyn has a reputation as one of the most experienced and talented family and divorce lawyers in the region.

She advises on a wide range of matters related to divorce, separation, civil partnership, financial arrangements, children`s matters, marriage contracts, cohabitation contracts and cohabitation claims. Carolyn is an effective negotiator who will vigorously represent her client`s point of view, but her in-depth knowledge of the collaborative process allows her to recognize when and when advocacy is needed. She has been involved in many complex and high-quality cases, including Court of Session and Sheriff Court cases, and is a Member of the Law Society of Scotland as a specialist in family law. This law firm does not offer legal aid. Since being called to the bar in 2005, Michelle has worked exclusively in family and civil law. In addition to dealing with all aspects of family law, her particular expertise lies in divorce and separation cases, contact and residency cases, and adults with disabilities, including pension orders and powers of attorney. Michelle also had extensive experience dealing with social work issues and complex cases of children`s hearings involving “baby tremors” and other issues where no accidental injuries are claimed. She can represent clients in a number of forums, including the Sheriff Court, court of Session and children`s hearings across Scotland. Michelle is a highly respected family law and divorce lawyer and, due to her down-to-earth, accessible and direct nature, she often receives referrals from lawyers and clients. Legal aid allows people to access justice when they cannot afford to pay their own legal fees.

You can only apply for legal aid through a lawyer. Many people don`t know they`re eligible for legal aid, and it`s important to talk to a lawyer about your eligibility. You can use this website to automatically detect your current geolocation. Note that the page refreshes when you select this option. You can also manually search for a location (in Scotland). Quickly search our lists of lawyers by lawyer name and/or location. The information we hold about companies has been provided by law firms or organizations. It depends on them to keep us informed of any changes. “We can`t thank her enough for what she has done for our family” Alison leads the firm`s award-winning family law team and has worked exclusively in family and children`s law for over 15 years and has been accredited by the Law Society of Scotland as a specialist in these areas.

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