Best Education Lawyer in Kolkata High Court

Sk.Ainul Address: 23, Rani Rash Moni Road, Near New Market Kolkata, West Bengal PIN code: 700087 Court of Practice: Calcutta High Court, District Courts Firm Description: I am an individual lawyer with partners and we specialize in providing dedicated and professional legal advice, support and service to our national clients, NRI and foreigners in case of divorce, Marriage annulment, amicable divorce, adoption, custody, dowry harassment, sexual harassment, maintenance, depreciation of checks, protection and execution of trademark, copyright, patent and design cases, succession, arbitration and arbitration, disputes between owners and tenants, banks, civil matters (property disputes). We take care of the preparation and verification of all types of deeds and documents such as the deed of transfer (sale), gift, will, trust, partnership, rent, power of attorney, division, agreements, contracts, etc. We also carry out the work of registering the documents and documents mentioned above before the responsible registrar with care and care. We use cost-effective and fast techniques to achieve the best result. We represent our clients on all sides of the Supreme Court, Calcutta High Court, District Courts, other forums and courts in West Bengal. Click here to contact me Juris Legal Address: P-74, Nanigopal Roy Chowdhury Avenue, CIT Road Kolkata, West Bengal PIN CODE: 700014 Court of Practice: Calcutta High Court, District Courts Law Firm Description: JURIS LEGAL A law firm consisting of Ms Sanchita Chakraborty and Mr. Debojyoti It is a world-class law firm in Kolkata that provides high quality legal services to its clients. We help our clients receive legal services through highly professional lawyers. The firm is fully functional with a highly professional legal support staff consisting of lawyers, in-house legal advisors, auditors, mandates, paralegal staff, accountants and administrative officials, who are also highly concentrated. Click here to contact me ARSS LEGAL, Advocates and Attorneys Office Address: 63, Radha Bazar Street, 3rd Floor, Room No. 17 and 18Kolkata, West Bengal PIN CODE: 700001 Court of Practice: Supreme Court, Calcutta High Court, District Court Firm Description: ARSS LEGAL, Advocates and Attorneys was established in 2004. We are a full-service law firm whose goal is to provide solutions to all business and business problems in today`s changing business environment. We combine a personal approach with high professional standards and strive to provide comprehensive legal advice to our clients.

Click here to contact me I need an honest civil lawyer for the High Court Kolkata (Plus) R L Chatterjee and Law Associates Address: A-39 Komal Building, Near Calcutta Stock Exchange Building, 7 , Lyons Range Kolkata, West Bengal CODE PIN: 700001 Court of Practice: Calcutta High Court, Diamond Harbour District Court Firm Description: Personal attention is a trademark of R L Chatterjee and Law Associates. With the focused attention of a dedicated and loyal lawyer, it is often possible to find a creative solution to a legal challenge or dispute that does not sacrifice future opportunities for the sake of expediency. We take a balanced, practical and determined approach to protecting the rights and interests of our clients. We look for creative solutions and take more discreet steps to achieve the best interest of our clients. To discuss your immediate legal needs or long-term business or personal goals, contact us at any time. Field of Activity: Business Process, Construction, Consumer Law, Contract, Copyright, Company/Partnership, Indian Law, Intellectual Property, Land Use, Owner/Tenant, Patent, Trademark, Data Protection Law, Estate, Real Estate, Wills, Trusts, Estates Click here to contact me Benchmark Professional Services Pvt. Ltd. is a group of practicing accountants, corporate secretaries, accountants and lawyers. Our range of services includes audit services, services in the field of commercial/individual taxation, registration and licensing advice, financial/management advice and digital signature certificates. We ensure that high quality accounting and legal services are provided promptly to our clients.

Minus ALC Law Offices Off Address: 37 Hazra RoadKolkata, West Bengal PIN CODE: 700029 Jurisdiction: Calcutta High Court, District Court Firm Description: We are a full-service law firm. We handle all kinds of contentious issues, including disputes relating to business, admiralty, contracts, lawsuits, property, land, arbitration, tenants, landlords, etc. We have lawyers who are familiar with all regulatory mechanisms and who deal with all legal compliance requirements. Our lawyers represent clients before all courts in West Bengal as well as the Delhi Supreme Court. We also represent our clients in various proceedings abroad. Click here to contact me adv. Barun Ghosh Address: 34, Biren Ray Road (East) Kolkata, West Bengal PIN Code: 700,008 Court of Practice: Calcutta High Court, Alipore City Civil Court, District Courts Firm Description: I am an individual lawyer with a background in financial law and accounting as a paid accountant and I am dedicated to professional excellence, personal and high-quality support and effective solution-oriented defense with due diligence appropriate in pre-procedural negotiations/documentation, process and appointment phase. Specialties in strategic litigation planning, tactical negotiations, targeted design, regulatory liaison and advocacy, diversified industry knowledge, providing the legal/regulatory function. Field of activity: adoption, arbitration mediation, banking, business litigation, custody, recovery of child support, civil rights, construction, consumer law, contract, copyright, corporate partnership, criminal law.

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