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A post shared by Santuário Botafogo (@santuario_botafogo) on Dec 29, 2018 at 11:03am PST Comments are the sole responsibility of their authors and do not represent the opinion of this site. If you find something that violates the Terms of Use, report it. Read the frequently asked questions to find out what`s inappropriate or illegal The sanctuary of Californian fashion designer Dylan Perrigo, which opened its doors last year, has a hippie-chic what: clean, lit by natural light and with a certain mysticism in the air. The store sells a mix of items that make up its lifestyle, such as decorative items and rituals — incense, carpets, soaps, ceramics, and energetic baths — as well as clothing and accessories. Without working with the collections, Dylan relies on basic pieces independent of the season, all without prints and with more neutral colors. Rua Arnaldo Quintela, 109 Loja A @santuario_botafogo After the success of Winehouse, also in Botafogo, Selene from Rio de Janeiro and the Englishman Dominic Parry have just opened their second store. Cru arrives in the district with expertise in natural, organic and biodynamic fermentation wines, novelties explored by the Brazilian market. Comfortable and informal, the space is perfect for gathering friends in the veranda to taste some of the house`s hundreds of labels. Rua Arnaldo Quintela, 94 @cruanaturalwinebar With a wine list that includes about 64 national labels and is imported at attractive prices. Guests can order on the sidewalk on the hottest days, the tip is the white wine that bears the name of the house, made at the Dom Pedrito winery, in the gaucho countryside, with Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Gewürztraminer grapes or the red French Bourgueil Les Hautes Pierres Cabernet Franc. In happy hour between 5pm and 8pm the bowls benefit from a discount of up to 40%. Another drink option is the “Porto Tonic”, a drink with dry white Port wine, tonic and Sicilian lemon. The menu features pickled olive options with Parmesan grissini and a portion of Jamón Serrano.

Flowers, fruits and oilseeds: in Hoba, everything ends in ice cream. Handmade with seasonal ingredients or garbage as a destination, the glacier follows the line from farm to table and has direct contact with local producers to avoid waste. With a natureba imprint, ice creams are sweetened with dates or small boxes of organic sugar and are free of milk, eggs, dyes and preservatives. After four years of working with a point of sale, Hoba is finally realizing the dream of having his own home in Botafogo. Und hier ist der Tipp: Wer den Topf von zu Hause nimmt, a die Entsorgung von mehr Müll zu vermeiden, bekommt fünf Real Rabatt alle 500 ml gefüllt. Rua Fernandes Guimarães, 49 @sorveteshoba Rosa de Ouro Has a good pizza, the waiters are cool and the beer is not expensive. This is one of those traditions already in the neighborhood! It gets a bit chaotic on very emotional nights, but normal for the region. Margherita costs from R$ 10 to R$ 58, depending on the size; fried wine is R$ 12 and beer 600ml is R$ 8 to R$ 11. Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 2am. The house is characterized by the offer of about 120 labels of specialty beers, but the store favors national examples, such as spirits with IPA of Verve, combination of lightness and bitterness of two styles even more difficult to find here, such as Synergy de São Paulo, with its new English IPA Hop It Up and Milky Way, Recipe of the Three Monkeys, same style, with the addition of lactose and vanilla.

The place can accommodate those who want to drink at the counter or outside on benches, in addition to the common table. As a snack, the house has only one option, which is homemade cucumbers, served with fried pastel pastel dough. Co.lab is a space dedicated to the culture of artisanal production. A mix of cafeteria with its own roasting, shared kitchen, artisanal microbrewery and a bar with special food and drinks. In addition, the space acts as a network of contacts and deliveries between producers, brands, facilities and customers. Very interesting. A post shared by the slow bakery (@theslowbakery) on Dec 6, 2018 at 5:17am PST In addition to the EXCELLENT recommendations, the cost-benefit ratio of the cited websites is amazing! The “original” Canastra was founded in 2015 by a trio of French friends and continues to fill the sidewalk and street in front of the General Osório metro exit in Ipanema. Opened in October 2018, the Canastra Rose is a version, let`s say, more mature. Spacious, located in a two-story property, serves pieces of meat from a well-equipped BBQ on the terrace, mezzes to share and drinks and wines in a glass at reasonable prices. The décor follows the same charming and invisible atmosphere: peeled walls, lots of plants and chairs, tables and thrift store tables.

As if that were not enough, the names behind Canastra also touch the delicious restaurant Le Pulê (R. Jangadeiros, 10, Ipanema) and prepare the inauguration of Canastra Mar at R. Dias Ferreira in Leblon. Rua Álvaro Ramos, 154 @canastrarose I don`t know most of them. And bars with live music. But, kd the great, nice and beautiful bars of the northern area. Why choose only in the southern zone? An innovative pub with a more cosmopolitan atmosphere, with the sounds of rock, soul, blues and jazz, industrial and for draught beer lovers, with options of imported products and award-winning craftsmanship. The house has seventeen taps for the most diverse palates. The house offers a menu of snacks, more elaborate dishes and sandwiches.

In addition to draught beer, they also offer wines and drinks. An exchange-inspired bar where, near the taps, an electronic panel displays the price of draught beers and their exchange rate fluctuations in the last half hour. With labels from mining backers, such as the imperial Red Ale Las Mafiosas Corleone and the double IPA Tommie Gun, with a self-service system triggered by prepaid card. The menu includes mining recipes from The Best Rib in the World as well as other options. Coordinates Relatively new place, which emerged from a new phase of the organizers of the party Coordinates, success for more than 8 years in Rio. With tables to share, three floors with vibrations and different show schedules, the bar goes a little off the volunteer axis and is well worth the visit. Highlight for the menu of delicious drinks, for the decoration – seriously, it`s beautiful! – and in the upper room that receives the shows without “disturbing” those who are in the mood of cat and snack.

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