Baby It`s You Law and Order Homicide

Briscoe and Curtis team up with their Baltimore colleagues to solve the mystery of who killed a child model. Bingo Cab Co. Baltimore, Maryland Tuesday, October 27 Gayle Janaway (Maureen Anderman) is the hidden main villain of “Baby, It`s You,” a two-part crossover episode of Law & Order (episode 8.06; Airdate November 12, 1997) and Homicide: Life on the Street (episode 6.05; Release Date: November 14, 1997). She is the wife of plastic surgeon Steven Janaway and the mother of teenage model Brittany Janaway. Detective Lennie Briscoe: No, the one I slept with the ex-wife. Homicide Division Baltimore, Maryland Monday, Oct. 26 Lieutenant Anita Van Buren: [to Curtis] Tell him he needs to be more specific. In Part 1, the Janaways were interviewed about Brittany, both worried about their daughter`s death. The cause of his death was caused by a rape later in the episode, and it was at the end of Part 1 and the beginning of Part 2 that Steven became suspicious while Gayle masked his heel personality and continued to mourn Brittany as she acted as Steven`s supporting wife. The climax of Part 2 revealed Steven`s affair as an alibi, and it ended with the separate interrogation of the two halves. John Munch interviewed Gayle, who described herself as a good mother, but it was Steven who provided Gayle`s revelation as a villain when he revealed that Gayle regularly raped Brittany, adding that he believed he was guilty of not taking Brittany away from her. As for Gayle, she agreed with Munch`s statements that Steven Brittany paid more attention than she did, which revealed Gayle`s jealousy.

She also added that they had “fought” a lot, explaining that Steven was never there when she wanted to talk to him, and she collapsed and pushed back Brittany`s photos when asked if she had raped her. Gayle was later charged with sexual assault and the murder of her daughter and arrested. Brittany Janaway; Marilyn Monroe; Jean Shrimpton; Brooke Shields; Saddam Hussein; Roland Park; Gwen Munch; Meldrick Lewis; Isabel Curtis; Baltimore Police Department; Batlimore, Maryland, Baltimore Sun; Frank Pembleton House of Dr. and Mrs. Steven Janaway 110 East 83rd Street Friday, October 23 27th District Interrogation Room Monday, November 3. Three years before the events, Gayle became a heel and raped Brittany, who was only 11 years old at the time. The mad villain committed her incestuous attack in a twisted manner, attacking not only Brittany, but also Steven. Gayle`s actions led to Brittany being hospitalized for internal bleeding, with Steven treating and covering her after realizing his wife was the cause and harassing her.

Even after her hospitalization, the evil Gayle continued her attacks on Brittany, her last act having taken place at her home in Baltimore. Gayle tore her daughter`s vagina during the rape, causing Brittany to have a toxic shock and developed an infection that killed her, despite Steven`s attempts to revive her. Leslie Drake Law Firm 90 Claremont Avenue Tuesday, October 27 Detective Rey Curtis: Mmmm, how do you want to edit the baltimore angle? Is there a housekeeper, Helen Crane? We should talk to him. Gayle and Steven were married for 21 years, but as the marriage progressed, there were problems as Steven was also having an affair with his colleague Andrea Plotkin – an affair that lasted 10 years. Although it was pointed out that Gayle had no knowledge of the case, it was revealed that Gayle had intense jealousy towards his own daughter Brittany. Gayle was very popular and had caught the attention of many boys, including and eventually Steven, but as Brittany grew and blossomed, she saw how beautiful she became and developed jealousy for Steven (in her head), who paid more attention to Brittany and her modeling career than Gayle. Detective Lennie Briscoe: We know the people there. Delacourte Showroom 540 Seventh Avenue Friday, October 23.

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