Asu Master`s of Legal Studies

The faculty members at Sandra Day O`Connor College of Law have over 300 years of combined experience. They come from all over the country and are known nationally for their wealth of knowledge. The Faculty of Law`s world-class faculty members provide comprehensive legal education in areas of popular interest and address legal challenges globally. Businesses and healthcare providers must comply with relevant laws to promote security and organizational stability. As a result, compliance has become a high-quality professional field. Earning a Master`s degree in Legal Studies with a focus on corporate and healthcare compliance builds knowledge of legal concepts that are useful for careers in industries where compliance is a major concern. The focus on business law offers you the opportunity to gain essential knowledge about the complex legal issues facing today`s businesses. Courses cover a wide range of general business topics as well as laws relevant to entrepreneurship and legal business obligations. Students who choose this orientation often seek a deeper understanding of the legal ecosystem in the business environment. The Online Master of Legal Studies is a unique advanced legal degree for non-lawyers. This 30-credit program allows professionals to earn a foundation in U.S.

law in just one year and without a full legal degree. Professionals with many different backgrounds work in this field, and legal training can support your performance at work. A master`s degree in business compliance provides a better understanding of the legal foundations that underpin various trade and health regulations. This training can help you understand how to create institutional frameworks that meet policy requirements. ASU Online also offers a master`s degree in human resources and labor law. This program focuses on identifying and analyzing legal issues in order to address critical staffing issues. Whether you`re looking for a job in today`s competitive marketplace or want to better understand how the law can help you in your career, this 30-credit degree program can help you learn more about the law and navigate the legal landscape without becoming a lawyer. Construction law refers to regulations, contracts, precedents, liabilities and similar concepts that affect the functioning of the industry. It covers several areas of legal interest, from tort to contract law. Sandra Day O`Connor College of Law at Arizona State University is one of the country`s outstanding law schools with a wide range of areas of interest and unique experiences. We offer a one-year Master of Legal Studies (MLS) program with 30 credits for individuals who wish to deepen their knowledge of the U.S.

legal system and business environment. No prior legal training is required. ASU Law`s world-class faculty provides students with unprecedented opportunities to gain the knowledge and practical skills needed to address legal challenges on a global scale. Spend a year with us to improve your English, network with future lawyers and develop the knowledge and skills you need to help you succeed, no matter where your future takes you. By earning an MLS degree, you can better understand the law in a way that can positively impact your career by building a broader understanding of the relevant laws in your field. You will also develop broadly applicable skills, such as legal writing and reading, as well as familiarity with legal concepts. In addition, you will feel comfortable interacting and communicating with a lawyer. The MLS degree emphasizes a legal basis and basic legal concepts. The ability to customize this degree with areas of interest makes it relevant for many applications. MLS students come from diverse backgrounds, but share the common goal of becoming familiar with legal thinking and exploring the relationship of law with their target areas of work or study.

The Master of Legal Studies (MLS) program is designed for students who want to understand legal principles in order to apply them to their area of interest without becoming a lawyer. The MLS is a flexible 30-credit graduate program for those who are interested in learning more about the law or whose work overlaps with the law. Candidates who wish to apply to the MLS program can do so here. The Master of Legal Studies is intended for those who wish to acquire practical knowledge of law but do not intend to become practising lawyers. Graduates have been trained in complex legal topics and legal skills that prove invaluable to law firms, court systems, government agencies and businesses. There are many career paths for graduates, including: Graduates who earn an MLS degree have a basic understanding of U.S. law, legal structures, and legal reasoning. In addition, graduates will be able to apply the law to situations affecting their professional and personal lives, including an understanding of when there is a legal issue that requires the participation of a lawyer.

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